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Battle of Business Printing

Business printing market has being paid high attention by the printer manufacturers. Laser printer is well preferred by the business users because of its high speed, high page yield and low cost, which makes laser printer take a priority share of the market. In the circumstance that the business printing market was gradually taking over by the laser printer, some of the inkjet printer manufacturers have been purposed to synthetically improve the performance of inkjet printers and at the same time largely launch new models of inkjet business printer. It is a good bet that inkjet business printer will be taking a considerable share in business printing market.

September 2011, Epson firstly launched high performance inkjet business printer. Epson is an inkjet-oriented printer developer and manufacturer dedicated into market competition with its newly developed high performance business inkjet printers, which are specifically designed to have laser printer appearance, high speed printing and high page yield. October 2011, Canon and HP severally launches inkjet business printers that are cost effective and have higher performance than laser printers to contain Epson’s continuously growing market share. In 2012, Lexmark entered the battle by extending its “Vizix” technology launched in 2009, which further intensifies the inkjet business printing market competition.

The competition between inkjet and laser business printer will surely increases the market share of high performance and cost effective inkjet business printers, making the users turning their eyes from laser to inkjet business printers. 2012 is a year for inkjet business printing.

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