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Samsung Wants to Get Ahead of Japan

Samsung is trying to get ahead of Japan in dominating the consumer electronic market. Samsung has a proven track record by beating big names such as Sony and Panasonic in the television industry. Now, the company is taking on the world of copiers.

The company recently introduced copiers and laser printers with a 1gigahertz processor, which has the same processing ability as the iPhone 4s, to compete with the rest in the industry. In effect, Samsung copiers are among the fastest in the industry.

According to Brian Park, analyst at Tong yang Securities, Inc. in Seoul, “chip technology has always been a differentiating factor for Samsung. They’re emphasizing their strength at chips for digital products, as they have for their mobile devices and TVs.”

In the last 10 years, Samsung has profited some $80 billion, making them Asia’s biggest consumer electronics company, with a product line ranging from phones, televisions, and chips. Samsung has transformed itself into a technology products leader, reporting $145 billion in sales last year. Samsung and LG Electronics Inc. have now captured 40% of the television market worldwide. It has also entered into manufacturing lithium ion batteries claiming 45% market share. The company also claims 40% market share for DRAM (dynamic random access) memory chips. With its recent entry into the copier world, other companies better watch out.

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